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Dr Graham Rock

BHSc. Chiropractic B.Chiro, B.Sc(Chiro), B.Sc(Human Biology)


Dr Graham is a passionate Chiropractor who uses his unique skills and knowledge repair and rebuild his patient’s bodies.


There is no “one-size fits all” approach to your treatment. Dr Graham will individually tailor a gentle, safe and scientifically-sound Chiropractic plan to help you not just get pain free, but to unleash the amazing potential of your body.


Dr Graham enjoys spending time with his wife and young daughter, and can often bee seen taking a ride up and around the Dandenongs when he’s not looking after patients in his clinic.

Dr Graham specialises in…

Multi-Modal, Effective Soft-Tissue Therapy

While under the care of Dr Graham, soft tissue therapies can relieve and prevent pain, improve your range of motion, aid in rehabilitation and optimise the benefits felt from manual Chiropractic adjustments.

Dynamic, Precise Manual Chiropractic

Whether you've experienced recent or past trauma, Chiropractic can restore funtion to your musculo-skeletal system and help you on your way to living a pain-free life, full of potential.

Why Choose Dr Graham?


No nonsense diagnosis and treatment.

Dr Graham demonstrates a healthy scepticism and bases his Chiropractic foundation solidly on an evidence-based philosophy and measurable patient outcomes.

A commitment to maintaining and improving clinical skills.

Dr Graham Rock ensures that all of his patients receive the best and most up-to-date care and modalities by attending regular seminars to build on his current knowledge and skills.

He practices what he preaches.

Dr Graham uses and advocates for every technique and lifestyle adaptation he prescribes. He sees his Chiro every week! Dr Graham eats a diet based on whole, locally sourced, organic foods, is an enthusiastic cyclist and enjoys training at the gym, cooking and a great Coffee.

A collaborative working relationship towards your health.

If chiropractic is not suitable for you, Dr Graham will refer you on to a health professional that can help.


Suite 1, 173 Boronia Road, Boronia VIC 3155

Bookings: 0406 124 476 (call or text)